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5 Axis cnc Machine

Why Use a 5 Axis CNC Machine?

Many shops don't think they need a 5-axis CNC machine for their work, but in reality, it is worth it for companies to make the investment whenever possible. The first benefit is that it lets them take on jobs that are more complex, but it also speeds production of less-intricate jobs.


The technical difference between a 5 axis CNC machine and one that uses only three axes is that the 5-axis model can approach the work from more directions at the same time. Since this allows more milling to be done in the same amount of time, production is faster. However, speed isn't the only benefit. The additional angles also allow for the production of more-complicated pieces.


In practice, these machines are used for everything from intricate artistic sculptures to the production of parts for aerospace applications. This makes them the go-to solution for producing complex pieces.

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