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5 Axis

Why Should You Look for a 5 Axis CNC Waterjetting Machine?

Most people think of 3D items as having 3 axes to go with them, but in reality, there are several more to consider. Pitch and yaw are two of these, and they refer to the rotational position of the item. A 5-axis machine is able to approach a part that it is making from five different directions at once, and this allows for both faster and more intricate production of items. Meanwhile, a three-axis CNC machine is unable to handle coming at the part from a rotational angle, and this limits its abilities.


Because of this, you need to find a shop with a 5 axis CNC machine in Mooresville, NC, if you want something done that goes beyond the basic. It can be a bit harder to find these shops, but it's definitely worth it if you need the additional capabilities.

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