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Metal Fabrication

Methods of Metal Fabrication

There are a huge number of methods for metal fabrication in and around Mooresville, NC. Which one is best for a project depends on the nature of the desired finished product, the properties of the metal involved, and the size of the intended product.


One of the oldest ways of working with metal is to heat it and hammer it into shape by hand – the method used by blacksmiths. Surprisingly a bit of this is still done today, but only by hobbyists and artisans.


Industrially, a common form of metal fabrication involves bending sheet metal into specific forms. This is done to make things like external auto body parts, the housings of exterior doors, and similar items.


Modern metal parts are often produced by water jet cutting. In this process, a slab of metal is cut by powerful jets of water. Advanced machinery makes it possible to produce very intricate products with this method.

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