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Romer Absolute Arm

What is a ROMER Absolute Arm?

This high-tech machine – made by ROMER - looks like a robotic arm, giving it the "arm" part of its name. That arm shape lets it measure from six different angles. The rest of the device, however, is just as important as its form.


The machine is a type of coordinate measuring machine, which is used to precisely measure 3D objects in the field. It can pick up on all of the coordinates of large things, as well, such as aircraft bodies, car bodies, and similar items. Since the ROMER absolute arm can be brought to the location of the items to be measured, it eliminates the need to try to bring large or heavy items to a lab.


Once an item has been measured by a ROMER absolute arm, copies of that item can be fabricated to precise dimensions. This makes the tool essential for the repair or duplication of large equipment parts.

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