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Waterjet Art

Does Waterjet Art Look Good?

Even though water jetting was developed for industrial uses, artists in Mooresville, NC quickly recognized that it would be of great utility for producing artistic pieces. As with other artistic methods, the final result's appeal will depend mainly on the artist's skill. The big attraction for artists isn't necessarily to make their works look "better," but to allow access to media that they ordinarily wouldn't be able to use.


One of the most striking types of waterjet art uses relatively thin sheets of steel to produce durable representations of designs that would otherwise be painted. These can then be hung on either interior or exterior walls, depending on the finish and the composition of the steel itself. The same basic process can be used with other metals or thick sheets of plastic.


The one caveat is that waterjet art typically looks machine-made. However, the mass production capability is usually enough of a benefit to overlook that.

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